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Vietnam Kratom

For centuries, the lush green kratom forests of Vietnam remained untouched by human hands, and only in recent years have they become cultivated for sale in countries across the world. Left undisturbed for so many generations, these trees have grown into maturity, and display a size and foliage virtually unmatched anywhere in Indonesia. My own personal experience with these leaves on a particular expedition into the kratom forests introduced me to this strain of Vietnamese kratom, which I found to be instantly compelling, and certainly caught my attention. These trees are located mainly along the banks of the Mekong River in Vietnam, covering a distance of more than 200 miles. This river serves as an export route for the city of Long Xuyen, the capitol of the An Giang province. Long Xuyen is a highly developed city in merchandising, known mainly for its exportation of rice.

The geographical location and established maturity of these kratom trees lend a high alkaloid content to this particular strain of kratom. These alkaloids include Mitragynine, Mitraphyline and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Tests have revealed that these alkaloids appear 25% higher in this Vietnamese variety than in other strains of kratom, and it seems very likely that the main alkaloids are responsible for the remarkable effects of the kratom leaf.

This strain has only been made available to a select few American vendors and websites known for their responsibility and ethics. These companies include Kratom.PRO, Captain Amsterdam and Arena Ethnobotanicals. Be careful when searching elsewhere for this variety of kratom, as other vendors claiming to offer Vietnamese kratom are likely fabrications. This strain has received excellent marks in initial reviews, and is likely to see even more success in the future. I hope that you may experience the same sensational effects from Vietnamese kratom as I have enjoyed.